About us

In the world of wholesale mobile parts, every name has a beginning, and for Mobilepart Wholesale, that beginning was fueled by ambition and vision.  Launched in 2009, we began our journey in the realm of mobile technology as a retailer. As we recognized the evolving demands of the market and our clientele, we transitioned into a leading wholesaler of mobile phone parts. Today, Mobilepart Wholesale stands tall as a frontrunner in the wholesale mobile parts industry.

The dynamism of mobile technology necessitates foresight and agility. With our roots grounded in retail, we inherently understand the pulse of both the end-consumer and businesses. We have carefully curated an expansive inventory of parts from every major mobile brand, ensuring that our wholesale partners have a seamless supply chain.

Our distinct price advantage is shaped by our combined retail and wholesale expertise. From tiny components like screws to the most advanced mobile elements, Mobilepart Wholesale is the trusted choice for all mobile part requirements.

Our commitment to excellent customer service, rigorous quality checks, and competitive pricing solidifies our promise to our partners. When you choose Mobilepart Wholesale, you're not just getting a supplier, but a committed ally in the industry. Together, let's shape the future of mobile technology.